Kaberneeme Marina is located on the beautiful sandy beach of the Kaberneeme village and has a vista to the bay of Kolga.

It has docking places for 32 vessels, a slipway, parking lot, guest house, restaurant, special needs bathroom and washing facilities.

It welcomes vessels with a length of up to 12 meters and draught of up to 2.1 meters. The marina has a fuel station.

Kaberneeme Marina underwent complete renovations in 2015. The construction works were financed by Enterprise Estonia.

Find the policy of the marina HERE (in Estonian).

Read the State Port Registry’s entry on Kaberneeme Marina HERE.

Watch the video introducing Kaberneeme Marina.

KABERNEEME MARINA – the Gem of Kolga Bay

  • Location

    Kaberneeme Marina is located in the historic and beautiful fishing village of Kaberneeme. It opens right into the Kolga bay, which has the highest number of islands on the northern coast of Estonia. The islets are distinguished by their diverse nature and sandy beaches.

  • The guest house, OKO Restaurant and the party house

    The marina building includes a guest house, a party house and OKO Restaurant, which won the prestigious Silver Spoon award in 2012 by being chosen as the most family-friendly restaurant in Estonia. it was also voted the third best restaurant in Estonia by Eesti TOP50. Read more about OKO Restaurant HERE.

  • The village, sandy beach and the marina

    The village of Kaberneeme is an ancient Estonian fishing village, the first known record of which dates back to the 14th century.

    Next to the OKO Restaurant, which is located in the marina, a picturesque sandy beach awaits for people to come and enjoy sunbathing, swimming and water scooter rides.

    The marina services smaller vessels.  A slipway is available for use.